Women Holding Hands


Getting real and being transparent creates community.

After the completion and sale of my thriving salon and spa in Southern Colorado, I knew that my desire to connect with people was not complete.  Being able to see my clients on a weekly or monthly basis with such rich and incredible relationships was something that I looked forward to everyday.

Yes, I love what I do as a licensed Skin Care Specialist. In my experience of being a service provider, I have had the ability to be a part of something very special. It's something that felt necessary and essential.

Cultivating relationships through real life experiences.

Seems a little too practical doesn't it?  I used to believe that we should mind our own business and keep our experiences and opinions to ourselves. That was until I started realizing that even when clients had opposing views from me, we still managed to create honor, respect, and love for one another. 

Because when you're sitting face to face with another human being, you're not just encountering their outward appearance. You're experiencing a precious LIFE!  I was being welcomed into a deep piece of their heart, as they would open up and share their concerns, joys, and victories in life.  We did life together for years, and still do to this day!

That continues to be my mission as of today. Yes I love my industry of beauty and wellness, but what i cherish most is the connection with people in a way that is raw and tangible. 

It's my desire to continue to create relationships in the most unlikely places but this time on a global scale!  That's right, go big or go home.  I want to cultivate unity from all walks of life through all experiences, and watch lives transform.  Because that's what happens when we choose to be present with each other and listen more than we speak. I love our cultural differences. I value our similarities. And I am eager to learn something new.  

Life is a literal journey.  It's one that we do not have to do alone.  And why would we want to?  Linking hands, linking arms, linking hearts I offer an opportunity to learn and grow like never before.  I hope you join me.