They lied to me! Increased aging with these common skin care practices !!!

I was 26 years old when I began my career in Skin Care & Esthetic. I was fortunate enough to grown up with relatively healthy skin. I didn't experience teen acne, nor did I have issues with sensitivities or oiliness. I was just your typical teen that had random breakouts every now and again. So when I got into trade school to share my love for what I thought was a glamorous industry, I quickly learned how intense and radical it was.

Now let me first inform you that this revelation of harsh and aggressive skin treatments didn't come from a school that was teaching a particular set of methods. This was INDUSTRY. STANDARD. Learning! I was shocked to learn that some of the "Best kept secrets" in the skin care world, were all methods that used harsh and aggressive tactics to achieve "holistic and natural" results. I had no clue that these methods of Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, or Laser IPL treatments were anything other than brilliant.... because that's what I was taught.

Now let me express that I was shocked by the things that I had learned. It truly bothered me to my core when I was taught the method of removing "imperfections" on the skin by use of acids, to burn layers of skin, thereby achieving Anti-Aging results. This was a method of age management and it was encouraged to offer this service because it was where "true results" were found. We want to make our clients "Happy" right?

Another shocking method was the use of Microdermabrasion.

So you're telling me that if I use this tool that sucks up "dead skin cells", while circulating and spitting out little diamond crystals around on my skin, will help "exfoliate" my skin, (while creating tears, redness, sensitivity and irritation) will make my skin look younger? Wait a minute, this is a joke right?! It's NOT! The industry teaches and trains its new estheticians to use these age-management systems to help clients achieve younger looking skin.

I was determined to be a client pleasing esthetician, so right out of school I sought further education and I got certified to perform chemical peels. But deep down I had gut wrenching feeling that I was actually harming the skin. the clients kept coming and I continued to seek that shiny penny and gave the clients what they wanted. "Results"! " It took two years, after graduating Esthetic school that I then realize that my initial intuition was right.

I was invited by my business coach to listen to her speak at a nearby training. She shared with me that she would share the stage with her favorite skin care vendor, and she expressed that I would gain great knowledge from his speech. Little did I know that I was about to get my esthetic world ROCKED!!! The day had finally arrived. It was September 23rd, and I was introduced to a forward thinker. Upon meeting this individual, he encouraged me to keep an open mind and try to think outside of the box. Perhaps he knew that I had been brainwashed.

His name was Ben Johnson, and he introduced himself as a Doctor that had formerly owned several Medical Laser Clinics in his early years of his practice. After years of using his lasers, he quickly realized that this method of age management was not helping the skin. It was aging it! From that moment on, it became his mission to discover how the skin ages, especially when being forced to recover from injury. Dr. Ben later explained that chemical peels were also a method for skin resurfacing. I was so disheartened to learn that no real results were ever achieved. The skin was using its tactic of swelling to start its healing process.

That's right! I was aging my clients skin, not repairing it. When we force the skin into submission, the skin has to heal itself. It does this by causing swelling & inflammation. I'm not going to lie. Upon learning this news I felt shame, guilt, and even embarrassment as I had to admit that I was using this as my primary "Anti-Aging" service.

I never gave much thought as to why the skin reacted the way it did. I was just trained to believe that the skin was behaving badly, and I had to make it submit. Dr. Ben's' words were expressed with intensity and passion. Nearly everything that he shared resonated with me, and I knew that I had discovered my "Skin Care Truth".

So here are a few things you ought to know. Skin types and conditions are primarily due to a few simple factors.

1. Genetics - that's right, your genes can play a major role in how it reacts to your environment. Dark Circles? Get those from your Mom & her dad? Large Pores & Complexion? These can also be genetic disposition too.

2. Internal Health - Jawline acne? That can often be caused by estrogenic toxins. Having breakout issues around your mouth? That can be linked to poor digestion or constipation.

3. Diet - Yup you were right! That extra serving of ice cream and french fries did make your acne flare up!

Something that most people don't realize is that our skins primary job is to first prevent contaminants, bacterias, diseases, and other free radicals from entering into our most vulnerable organs. It also helps regulate our bodies internal temperature and it's considered a detox organ.

With that being said, you must understand that as a "Detox Organ", it's the skins job to reveal the internal issues that are occurring. It reveals this by telling the outside world there are disturbances inside the body and it shows it on the surface of the skin. It hardly seems fair. And we tend to completely despise our skins "irrational behavior". But if you think of it from the perspective that the skin is a helper, you'll soon realize that it's giving you warning signals and you can appreciate the skin.

Hopefully you're not sitting on the other side of this screen with a snarl on your face as you've just realized that the methods that you've been instructed to use, have all contributed to aging your skin faster. But if you are snarling, rest assured that there is still hope! That's right, your skin isn't too far gone, and I can still offer you safe solutions to help you achieve optimal skin health.

And hey, there is no judgement here, as I was duped too! Skin Care, much like life, is a marathon not a sprint. If you're trying to get quick results, I can tell you with great certainty that it will not last. But if you're willing to do what it takes to bring your skin to a level of health, I can be of assistance. Together we can accomplish great things! Are you willing to go along on this journey with me?

I offer free consultations and give thorough evaluations to provide you with solutions that support healthy and sustainable results. I understand that each skin type is unique and a "one size fits most" approach will not be effective. I take great consideration when creating a skin care routine that is customized specifically for you.

I am eager and willing to earn your business and provide you with quality care. Are you ready to take the next steps needed to see if my holistic methods can bring resolve to your skin issues? Time is passing us by and let's face it, we're not getting any younger. ;)

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